Search Engine Optimization And Web Design Tips For Small Business Atlanta Ga

A lot of small business owners get stuck when it comes to web design; I have talked to a lot of different business owners who like to take it upon themselves and pretend to know the best layout, the best design for my site. As an expert in digital marketing, SEO and web design, I encourage you don’t do that as a small business owner WordPress, you can get designs for your site that are fast, easy, and your site will end up looking professional.

My first favorite way to do that is through WordPress themes, so if you follow my advice to start your small business website on WordPress platform, they have a feature called themes, which basically let you skin your site a number of different ways and actually you can browse a ton of these themes for free, and each one is a full fledged design, and you can interchange them really quickly so you can try out different themes, and see which one works best for your website. So if you don’t want to spend any money at all, I would go with free WordPress themes.
If you do have a little bit of money to invest, there are paid WordPress themes as well, so these are usually a little bit higher quality, you won’t see many of them out on the web like you might see some free WordPress themes in a couple of different places. Paid WordPress themes usually are not expensive, they usually run from like twenty to forty dollars, and you can get some pretty nice-looking themes for not a lot of money.
A couple of sites among what you should look at with and elegant themes, two of a good source for that.

Well, If you are looking for web design or design for your website, you can always hire to get awesome designs for your websites.
The video below has more details on how to help you get a better website designed.


If you control traffic through search engine optimization, you control the money.
If your business struggling in finding and getting a new customer, we can help you.
Traffic is the lifeblood of businesses stay alive, in this day and age, the phone book is dead, and everyone pulls out there computer or cell phone searching for a service or business in their local area. Using Google to do it.
We can help your business improve their visibility online so they can stay in business through the longevity of time.
Through Google is the only way to find business, if you are not found on the internet. It’s almost you don’t exist, plus you could be loosing %60 of the money that you could be getting to your business that could keep you in business for years to come.
YES it’s more than 60 percent unless you rely on foot traffic alone. You could be losing as much as %60 percent by people just searching and reading reviews; people are driven by reviews right now, it’s huge if you are a local business and don’t have reviews or worse if you got bad reviews. You could lose a whole bunch of business for you.
Having a good, solid, reputable online presence right now could be one of the most important assets to you and your business. It’s more important than ever before.
Business landscape totally changed.
Every business owner who wants to grow has an objective that they want to accomplish it. Whether they want to send their daughter to college, buy a new house, get the wife brand new car, take that extra vacation, so why do you want more business? We will help you achieve your goal by getting more clients, more customers, and more traffic. So you can earn more business to hit your goal.
We are offering digital real estate; businesses pay a tremendous amount of money to have the right location. What we are doing is, we are a digital real estate agency for Google, what we do is we take a business that is not found and doesn’t have a good location. And we give it a better location where it can get more visibility for the business to get, thus more traffic, more clients, and customers.
What the business owner needs to understand is that just a location, that all we can provide them. And that only what we focus on. There are many other things that business needs to focus on, like the quality of product or service that the business provides, quality of customer service. Keep them happy and getting great reviews. All these are important to business and business owner to understand while getting more traffic. But that the lifeblood of any business, is traffic.
Our specialty is take your business, pick up your business, drive it all the way up the top spot of Google, drop it off there. Top of page one of your keyword and searches. After that, it’s up to the business and business owner to do whatever they want with all that traffic.
You have to have a good product and service and treat your customers right to flourish and be successful.
Everyone needs food; everyone needs water, those are life blood to us, we cannot survive without them.
There is thousands of business out there and the life blood, as water is to us, is traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of business.
without visibility, without traffic, they cannot make any money. That why shopping mall exists, that’s why outdoor shopping mall exist, so they can have traffic and people across them, and see businesses.
Online presence for business is so important, 2015 and 2016, is the year where clicks defeated bricks. So the brick and motor store is almost absolute right now. Getting beaten by clicks on the internet. Amazon is so huge right now, in January 2016 Walmart closed more than 200 stores nationwide. All due is people are shopping more and more online.
If your business isn’t visible, you lose money by losing potential customers. As an example, if you break your windshield right now, what is the first thing you will do? You are going to pull your cell phone and you are gonna search on google for windshield repair. Then you can call the first business on the first page, you are not gonna look at the second page or third page. well, you might be, you might be superstitious, but %99 of the people will contact somebody on the first page. And that how it works. So if you are not visible, then you are loosing a lot of clients, and you are not making any money. You might not be in business 12 months from now.
Every business fighting for customers attention, billboard, radio, television, are very effective, and we found out that being found on Google is one of them.
Everyone is fighting for clients and customers attention.
Clients and customer when they want your service, they pull their phone or computer and search on google, that why is very important to be visible.

Traffic is anyone looking for a service or product that are ready to find your business. Whatever your business provide in your area.

That’s why McDonald is all about location. The more traffic you have, the more business you have, the more money you can make.
All businesses need more targeted traffic. If you want to take your business to the next level, you can hire best SEO service for your search engines optimization needs.

Tips To Make House Cleaning Faster And Easier

If you are like most people, you probably dread the thought of cleaning your house. Dealing with dirt, grime, and clutter is usually pretty low on the list of enjoyable activities. Most of us would much rather spend our time doing other things.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend all of your days cleaning. Instead, by using the following house cleaning tips, you can get your house whipped into shape much faster so that you have more free time to spend doing things that you enjoy:

1. Set a timer. Working in short bursts of concentrated activity can help you get more accomplished in less time. Try setting a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and challenge yourself to get as much cleaning done as possible before the timer goes off. You may surprise yourself by just how much you can accomplish in a very short period when your efforts are extremely focused. Once the time is up, give yourself a small reward. Repeat this process until all of the cleanings is done.

2. Focus on picking up as you go. Throughout the week, try to put things away when you are done using them. This will keep clutter from building up. You can also focus on forming other helpful habits such as washing your dishes as soon as you are done eating or wiping up the kitchen counter each night before bed. These activities only take a few minutes but can make a difference in how fast you can clean your house when the week is up.

3. Invest in the right cleaning products. You wouldn’t try to build a house without the right tools. Likewise, you shouldn’t try to clean a house without the right tools. By investing in high-quality cleaning products, you can make the process of cleaning much easier. For instance, something like a steam mop may require a relatively large upfront investment. However, when you consider the fact that you don’t need to buy any pads or cleaning products to use it, the savings can add up over time. Additionally, it can make fast work of tough messes on just about any type of floor. Don’t hesitate to spend a little bit of money on good cleaning tools. Over time, they can save you a lot of time and money.

4. Declutter. The less “stuff” you have, the less likely your home is to get dirty. Go through everything that you own and only keep the things that you need. Getting rid of excess clutter can go a long way toward creating a cleaner space. It can also significantly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning on a weekly basis.

Hopefully, these house cleaning tips will make the process of keeping your home clean a lot easier. Doing your best to keep your house from getting dirty in the first place can go a long way toward making it much faster and simpler to clean, and you can always hire maid service near you.